As a constantly growing company we are evolving in various fields. Please contact us for information regarding how we can better help you and your business.

Currently, we are working in the following fields.
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Materials Sourcing

With thousands of manufacturers and millions of products, it's hard finding the one that meets your specifications, price, and quality. With proven suppliers in various fields we can help you find the products that meet your needs.
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Production and Distribution

Preparing a product for production and everything involved in this process, from tool and dye making, finding the right manufacturer and setting up production while maintaing a high level of quality, is our specialty. Let us help you bring your product to market.
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Quality Control

We understand how hard and frustrating it can be working with foreign suppliers, especially when it comes to maintaining a high level of quality. Through our experience we know how to ensure the product you order is up to the high standards you would expect.